Humanitarian Photography

Visual Storytelling and Communication for NGO’s and Social Organisations.
By Kasper Nybo, Independent Humanitarian Photographer


Village of Dulag, Philippines, 2013. The prisoners of a small community jail survived the typhoon and the storm surged that followed by the advantage of being in a strong building. As the village around them was blown away, they only suffered small water damage in the roof.

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Leyte Province, Philippines, 2013. With water from a broken pipe, three girls are washing themselves in the early morning light before the scorching heat sets in.

Village of Dulag, Philippines, 2013. A boy is carried into the emergency room with a badly cut hand, where a team of American doctors  stitch him up. By nothing short of a miracle he has avoided permanent damage to the critical nerves of the hand.

Entangled we are

Fine-art series focussed on the social challenges deep in the heart of Europe.

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Paris, France, 2012.
The European middle class is under attack, and having
a job is no longer a guarantee for food on the table or a
roof over your head. Social and economic challenges
are no longer distant subjects in the news. Individuals,
families and children are falling over the edge daily,
becoming members of the “new-poor” class. It’s a hard
definable group, breaking classic descriptions of someone
to be standing in line for food or shelter at night.

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Great East Japan Earthquake

Ishinomaki, Japan, 2011. A copy of the Statue Of Liberty stretches her torch towards a dark sky, she remains as one of the few standing structures on this island in the river that cuts through the town center.

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Ishinomaki, Japan, 2011. In the corner of yet another
evacuation center, in a pile of orphaned photos and notes
found in the mud and debris, a newlywed couple stares
into a future turned upside down. Their frame and glass
still covered in dry mud from a disaster hitting like a
lightning from the sky.


Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 2010. Separated by death, but still as if
reaching for each other, bodies lie on the concrete floor of the
hospital morgue after the 7.0 earthquake that hit on January 12.

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Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 2010. A young woman arguing
with guards at the hospital gates to be allowed
inside before nightfall.

Joonias Story

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 2010.
Joonia, a girl orphaned by the earthquake, wakes up and looks through a shattered piece of glass in the street

Jonnias Story